July 01, 2014

Mercury Retrograde is over July 1st

Mercury went into retrograde on June 7th, 2014 and now today, July 1st, is starting to turn direct.  Mercury Retrograde is a great time to do anything that starts with "re" such as reorganize, redo, rethink, rework, relax, restructure, and re-connect! Basically just go over and redo things and rework them.  Connect with people you have lost touch with and rethink old plans.  It is not the best time to start new projects or sign contracts, as details may change once it goes direct.  

The morning after you drink wine you may be a bit fuzzy, that is how Mercury is today as it shifts from backwards to forward motion. It is just waking up from a long sleep and needs some coffee to get going again.  So before you rush out of the gate on all your new projects, give Mercury a little time to wake up.  Tomorrow is a great day to initiate your bold new plans. Cheers to that!

Check out this article on galadarling for tips on surviving a Mercury Retrograde. 

June 24, 2014

Wine Quotes on Pinterest

Our Wine Quotes are super popular on Pinterest.  Feel free to pin and share them with your friends.  Cheers!

June 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Cancer June 21 - July 22

Cancer (JUN 21 - JUL 22)

Ruled by emotions, water signs are sensitive to their environment, much like the Pinot Noir grape is sensitive to climate. Classically considered the wine of love, this elegant smooth French style Pinot pairs wonderfully with salads, lunch, and salmon. Uncork some Pinot Noir to celebrate the Cancer in your life!!!


June 16, 2014

Astrology Gift Guide - Part 2

Finding the perfect gift can be difficult.  Let the stars help you! Here are some tips for each sign based on their unique astrological personalities. Part 2 includes tips for the last 6 signs of the zodiac: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.


Photos by Molly Winters, Gift Wrap by Go Forth Creative. 


Libra Tips: Libra is ruled by the sign Venus, which is the planet of beauty and art.  Libra's typically have a great eye for beautiful objects, fashion, art, and home decor.  Pay attention to what your Libra's fashion tastes and home decor for ideas of what to get them.  Libra also enjoys peace and harmony, so a relaxing vacation spent at the beach, in nature, or at a spa is sure to delight. 


Libra Gift List: Libra Chardonnay (well balanced like them), a gourmet food basket that is elegantly packaged, a pair of two beautiful items for the home, such as candles, picture frames, or vases, a beautiful coffee table book about a subject that they are interested in, a piece of artwork or sculpture, tickets to the theater or a concert, a weekend getaway to a winery or serene beach, a pair of beautiful earrings, flowers, an elegant night out for dinner at their favorite restaurant, a massage gift certificate, anything that pampers them and is beautiful to the eye.  


Scorpio Tips: A good rule of thumb when purchasing items for a Scorpio is to focus on the areas of their lives that they are most passionate about and items that fit with the objects that they already own.  One Scorpio I know strongly believes that it is better to buy one expensive item, such as a knife, that you will have forever, versus several cheap knives that will only last a couple years. Think lasting quality and modern elegance. As a general rule, you can usually never go wrong with the timeless colors such as black. Avoid bright colors. 


Scorpio Gift List: Scorpio Pinot Noir (intriguing like a Scorpio), a dark chocolate dessert, take them out for oysters, lingerie, one quality item that is expensive and timeless such as a knife, leather chair, or purse, an item from their favorite clothing or furniture designer, one small antique item that relates to a subject that intrigues them - such as a snuff box from the Orient or a perfume bottle from France, a sleek pair of sunglasses, anything involving a mystery, tarot cards, an intriguing and beautiful black book, tickets to thrill experience, such as a haunted hay ride or scary thriller movie.


Sagittarius Tips: Sagittarius is a fun loving sign with a jubilant personality.  When you shop for your Sagittarius feel free to add in some humor and get creative. Sagittarius is always up for a new adventure both physically and mentally, so a last minute getaway to a new destination or items related to their favorite physical activity could be a great idea.  Additionally, Sagittarius is the sign of higher knowledge, foreign languages, religion, and philosophy.  Gifts surrounding this subjects may be enjoyed depending on their interests. 


Sagittarius Gift List: Sagittarius Old Vine Zinfandel (spicy like them), a basket of unique foods from around the world, positive thinking or philosophical books, gag gifts, rent an RV and go on a road-trip, items that relate to their favorite sport such as surfing, running or golfing, tickets to a lecture that interests them, an outdoor excursion, a clever letter or note, a mix tape with songs that remind you of them, a guitar or musical instrument, a fun pair of socks, a kayak or canoe, anything that matches one of their quirks.


Capricorn Tips: Capricorn appreciates anything practical and high quality. These signs tend to be more conservative in appearance and like to dress the part of whatever industry interests them. For example, one Capricorn I know who is a lawyer dresses very elegant and sophisticated, like Princess Kate.  While another Capricorn I know that loves skateboarding, always has on the latest action sports brands with a pair of clean, crisp shoes. Both of them look always look put together and stylish, even though their styles are completely different.


Capricorn Gift List: Capricorn Cabernet Sauvignon (rich like them), gourmet desserts and food items, expensive champagne or scotch, a nice watch, clothing accessories that fit with their style, a wool sweater, home decor in natural elements such as wood or coral, jewelry or a clutch in their favorite color, the latest tech gadgets that are stylish and cool - think Apple, a leather portfolio for work, a nice ballpoint pen with their name engraved on it, a business card holder, a weekend getaway to a place where there is a lot to do and see (Capricorn is a great planner), an expensive lobster and steak dinner at the nicest restaurant in town, money or gift certificates (they know what they want and won't be offended).


Aquarius Tips: Aquarius is nonconformist by nature, so you really must take into consideration your particular Aquarius loved one and think about what makes them unique.  Do they love a certain type of animal? subject matter? destination? hobby? How do they spend their spare time and what do they talk about the most? Aquarius is said to be a revolutionary and is many times associated with technology, which is funny because some of the Aquarians that I know still have a razor phone from the dark I said, nonconformist.


Aquarius Gift List: Aquarius Chardonnay (unique like them), unusual and outlandish items, a vintage purse or set of unique drinking glasses, update them to the 21st century with some cool electronics, a surprise party with their friends (Aquarius is the sign of friendship), a book about a topic that they love such as space or art, something antique and quirky, a piece from the latest fashion, artwork, audio books or a documentary, a trip to somewhere different, tickets to their favorite band, a day trip to the museum or planetarium, aromatherapy candles or essential oils, a crystal or deck of tarot cards if they are into new age items.


Pisces Tips: Pisces are daydreams who love beauty and delicious treats. They will appreciate anything thoughtful that shows that you paid attention to what they care about and shows that you love them. Pisces enjoy a wide variety of items - whether it is from nature or their favorite store. They are creative by nature so a gift such as a woodworking kit, loom, or a set of oil paints might really inspire them to make something beautiful. As long as the gift shows you care, you win.


Pisces Gift List: Pisces Pinot Noir (romantic like them), a homemade gourmet dinner with flowers, wine and a handmade dessert, a journal, a dream book, something beautiful from their favorite store such as a cozy blanket, silky nightgown or soft mittens, a romantic night out dancing, a love letter or poem, tickets to a concert, play or symphony, a weekend trip to a little town nearby that has a great spa or antique store, anything ocean related (they are water signs), a beautifully framed photograph, a camera (Pisces is associated with film), perfume, a puppy, a gift that brings out their creative side.



June 15, 2014

Astrology Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift can be difficult.  Let the stars help you! Here are some tips for each sign based on their unique astrological personalities. Part 1 includes tips for the first 6 signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo.


Photos by Molly Winters, Gift Wrap by Go Forth Creative. 


Aries Tips: It's rare to meet an Aries that does not enjoy sports, thrills, or games of some kind. This active sign packs a punch and loves a good challenge.  Aries are frequently their own boss, work remotely, or are involved in sales professions. Aries like speed and efficiency.


Aries Gift List: Old Vine Zinfandel Aries (spicy like them), spicy foods such as hot sauce or jalapeno chocolate, tickets to a sporting event, experiential gifts such as canoeing, rock climbing, or an ATV tour, a pedometer so they can track their success in exercising, stylish new workout gear, a fast new car (for the big wigs), tennis racket, a trip to Las Vegas, camping gear, tickets to a concert or a short unexpected getaway.


Taurus Tips: Taurus is the most epicurean sign of the zodiac, and they love sensual pleasures of good food, comfortable clothes, and delightful treats. From my experience I have met 2 types of Bulls - one loves luxurious beautiful objects and fine food, and the other is more into nature, health, animals, yoga, and body healing.  Since Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, they typically have a great eye for beautiful objects and art.  


Taurus Gift List: Taurus Cabernet Sauvignon (rich like them), their favorite dessert, a massage gift certificate, a soft blanket or comfy sweater, flowers, beautiful designer jewelry, a gift certificate to a home goods store (they are practical and know what they want), lingerie, coffee table book, a gourmet dinner at their favorite restaurant, yoga mat, candles, tickets to the ballet or concert, a weekend retreat to a winery with spa treatments.


Gemini Tips: Gemini is the most curious sign of the zodiac and loves to partake in any new experience! Gemini is great at traveling to new places on a moments notice.  For them they love a good surprise and a lighthearted gift. Gemini tends to have lots of interests and hobbies so focusing on those should make it easier to find a great thoughtful gift. 


Gemini Gift List: Gemini Chardonnay (light and bright like them), books, a short trip to a nearby city, a camping excursion, a clever letter or note, accessories, a fun class or workshop that you can do together, tickets to a magic or comedy show, a night on the town with their favorite people, trivia or board games, quirky puzzles and conversation pieces, a present that matches one of their quirks, a drive in movie, fruit and chocolate bouquet, a picnic in the park.


Cancer Tips: Cancer is a sentimental sign and can be quite particular with what they are interested in.  Some of the most difficult people to buy for in my life have been Cancers because they already have everything they want, and if they do want something, it is very specific.  Cancers are nostalgic and generally a nice card or a present that appeals to their fondest memories can go a long way. For the Cancer who has everything, consider food and drink items.


Cancer Gift List: Cancer Pinot Noir (wine of love), heartfelt card, nicely wrapped and framed photo, photo album of a vacation together or a restored photo of your family heritage, beautiful plant or tree, fruit of the month club, a lovely evening with their favorite home cooked meal, dinner and a movie, a soft scarf, their favorite dessert, anything that is handmade and personalized, candles and bath items, pillows or house decor, silver jewelry or pearls, a spa day. 


Leo Tips: Leo loves luxury. If you are giving Leo a gift always err on the side of expensive and luxurious.  The Leo lady loves to be treated like a queen - so pull out all the stops. Everything from flowers to a limo. A Leo man has great taste and will appreciate stylish clothes, accessories, and gadgets, as well as an expensive bottle of wine or Champagne.


Leo Gift List: Leo Old Vine Zinfandel (regal like them), flowers, perfume, designer jewelry, an expensive dinner, a stay at a fancy hotel, tickets to a classy event or elite sporting event, limos and nice cars, champagne, cigars, cuff links, designer accessories, a massage gift certificate, helicopter ride, a full evening planned with all of their favorite things to do where they can dress up and be the star, tickets to a play, weekend at a winery, cupcakes from the best bakery in town, a love letter.


Virgo Tips: A modest Virgo will appreciate practical gifts that take into consideration their interests. Although Virgos can often be budget conscious, they do appreciate fine quality and will notice the details of anything that you purchase for them.  A thoughtful gift is key with a Virgo, so try and find something that really matches them and their unique personality.


Virgo Gift List: Virgo Cabernet Sauvignon, practical gifts and tools, appliances that they do not have that match their home decor, anything to help them stay organized and clean, something in their favorite color, handmade items, health products, a pedometer, books in a topic that interests them, a high quality briefcase or work bag, a new leather portfolio, top notch office supplies, cooking supplies, plants or gardening equipment, a gift certificate to their favorite store or restaurant. Remember to keep it personal and practical. 




May 27, 2014

A Little Press Never Hurts!

12 Signs would like to thank all of the people who have featured our brand on their websites, TV Shows, magazines, and articles.

May 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Gemini!

The sun moved into the air sign of Gemini on May 21st, 2014.  Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of communication.  The Twins are the playful butterflies of the zodiac, curious in learning, making friends easily, and open to new wonders. This year celebrate the Geminis in your life with something special.

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