DIY Glitter Wine Bottle - Add some sparkle to your life!

DIY Glitter 12 Signs Wine Bottle 

Our blogging friends Desiree (Simply Sun Signs) and Whitney (I Wore Yoga Pants to Work) sure have the best DIY ideas! They added a little sparkle to their bottles of 12 Signs Wine Leo and Scorpio and I must say that we love how it turned out! It is almost as if the galaxy is on the bottle, which pairs perfectly well with a cosmic wine.

To learn how to DIY Glitter Wine bottles make sure to check out Whitney's blog here. And if you love astrology, Simply Sun Signs, is full of juicy information and beautiful images related your astrology sign. 



Do you love Pinterest and Astrology?

Do you love Pinterest and Astrology? If yes, click here to visit the 12 Signs Wine pinterest page to find a board completely dedicated to items that your sign would love.  For example, we pin a wide variety of items that we think a Gemini would like - such as home decor, travel destinations, quotes, recipes, DIY ideas, and clothing.  Of course there are also plenty of wine humor pins and beautiful astrology illustrations.




How compatible are you and Sagittarius?

Is Sagittarius a good match for you? Sagittarius is a fun, freedom loving sign that enjoys adventure, philosophy, wisdom, and wit. They work especially well with other fire signs such as Leo and Aries. They are also complemented nicely by their opposite sign, the air sign of Gemini, and another air sign, Aquarius.

Sagittarius can be very frank which may not fair well with the more sensitive signs such as Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and Virgo. However, if the Sagittarius has more water and/or earth in their chart, or the partner has more fire and/or air in their chart, it may be a most divine pairing.  

Pisces is a wild card for Sagittarius - typically both signs have a wanderlust for new places, a lively sense of humor, and a love of wine (always a bonus).

Of course all signs have the potential for a delicious relationship and can at least share, or spill, one glass of wine together to find out! 

December 03, 2013

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Advent Calendar for a very Merry Christmas

Now this is the type of countdown we can get excited about!


November 30, 2013

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Small Business Saturday

November 30th is Small Business Saturday. Thank you to all of you who have supported 12 Signs Wine! As a small business, we appreciate all your support and are grateful that you think of us for your holiday shopping needs.


November 03, 2013

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Scorpio Solar Eclipse

Today there was a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio.  This signifies a time for new beginnings.  How can you transform the old you into a new and better version? Let's get to the bottom of this:

November 01, 2013

Happy Halloween! Our idea of Trick or Treating

Wouldn't it be great if there were a Halloween for adults and you could just go door to door, getting glasses of wine?