Is Aquarius a Water Sign?

Happy Birthday Aquarius! This year the sun moved from Capricorn into Aquarius on January 20th and will stay there until February 18th.  Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac - and represents the genius, the humanitarian, the friend, and the rebel.  

Often times people will confuse Aquarius as a water sign because their symbol is the "waterbearer" and the name "Aqua" can infer water. In all actuality, Aquarius is an air sign. The name "waterbearer" depicts how the Aquarius spreads water from village to village - showing their humanitarian nature. Aquarians are concerned with the collective, and many devote themselves to groups that support the advancement of humanity.  

Aquarius is most readily recognized for their friendliness and original thinking. As non-conformists, they are usually ahead of the times. Our Aquarius Chardonnay is definitely an "out of the bottle" kind of wine - with a uniquely crisp taste; a result of stainless steel fermentation. It is zesty and bright - like the waterbearer. Plus, the label is upside down, which also shows just how non-conformist this sign can be.

Cheers to all the Aquarians and thank you for making this world brighter.