Astrology Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gift can be difficult.  Let the stars help you! Here are some tips for each sign based on their unique astrological personalities. Part 1 includes tips for the first 6 signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo.


Photos by Molly Winters, Gift Wrap by Go Forth Creative. 


Aries Tips: It's rare to meet an Aries that does not enjoy sports, thrills, or games of some kind. This active sign packs a punch and loves a good challenge.  Aries are frequently their own boss, work remotely, or are involved in sales professions. Aries like speed and efficiency.


Aries Gift List: Old Vine Zinfandel Aries (spicy like them), spicy foods such as hot sauce or jalapeno chocolate, tickets to a sporting event, experiential gifts such as canoeing, rock climbing, or an ATV tour, a pedometer so they can track their success in exercising, stylish new workout gear, a fast new car (for the big wigs), tennis racket, a trip to Las Vegas, camping gear, tickets to a concert or a short unexpected getaway.


Taurus Tips: Taurus is the most epicurean sign of the zodiac, and they love sensual pleasures of good food, comfortable clothes, and delightful treats. From my experience I have met 2 types of Bulls - one loves luxurious beautiful objects and fine food, and the other is more into nature, health, animals, yoga, and body healing.  Since Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, they typically have a great eye for beautiful objects and art.  


Taurus Gift List: Taurus Cabernet Sauvignon (rich like them), their favorite dessert, a massage gift certificate, a soft blanket or comfy sweater, flowers, beautiful designer jewelry, a gift certificate to a home goods store (they are practical and know what they want), lingerie, coffee table book, a gourmet dinner at their favorite restaurant, yoga mat, candles, tickets to the ballet or concert, a weekend retreat to a winery with spa treatments.


Gemini Tips: Gemini is the most curious sign of the zodiac and loves to partake in any new experience! Gemini is great at traveling to new places on a moments notice.  For them they love a good surprise and a lighthearted gift. Gemini tends to have lots of interests and hobbies so focusing on those should make it easier to find a great thoughtful gift. 


Gemini Gift List: Gemini Chardonnay (light and bright like them), books, a short trip to a nearby city, a camping excursion, a clever letter or note, accessories, a fun class or workshop that you can do together, tickets to a magic or comedy show, a night on the town with their favorite people, trivia or board games, quirky puzzles and conversation pieces, a present that matches one of their quirks, a drive in movie, fruit and chocolate bouquet, a picnic in the park.


Cancer Tips: Cancer is a sentimental sign and can be quite particular with what they are interested in.  Some of the most difficult people to buy for in my life have been Cancers because they already have everything they want, and if they do want something, it is very specific.  Cancers are nostalgic and generally a nice card or a present that appeals to their fondest memories can go a long way. For the Cancer who has everything, consider food and drink items.


Cancer Gift List: Cancer Pinot Noir (wine of love), heartfelt card, nicely wrapped and framed photo, photo album of a vacation together or a restored photo of your family heritage, beautiful plant or tree, fruit of the month club, a lovely evening with their favorite home cooked meal, dinner and a movie, a soft scarf, their favorite dessert, anything that is handmade and personalized, candles and bath items, pillows or house decor, silver jewelry or pearls, a spa day. 


Leo Tips: Leo loves luxury. If you are giving Leo a gift always err on the side of expensive and luxurious.  The Leo lady loves to be treated like a queen - so pull out all the stops. Everything from flowers to a limo. A Leo man has great taste and will appreciate stylish clothes, accessories, and gadgets, as well as an expensive bottle of wine or Champagne.


Leo Gift List: Leo Old Vine Zinfandel (regal like them), flowers, perfume, designer jewelry, an expensive dinner, a stay at a fancy hotel, tickets to a classy event or elite sporting event, limos and nice cars, champagne, cigars, cuff links, designer accessories, a massage gift certificate, helicopter ride, a full evening planned with all of their favorite things to do where they can dress up and be the star, tickets to a play, weekend at a winery, cupcakes from the best bakery in town, a love letter.


Virgo Tips: A modest Virgo will appreciate practical gifts that take into consideration their interests. Although Virgos can often be budget conscious, they do appreciate fine quality and will notice the details of anything that you purchase for them.  A thoughtful gift is key with a Virgo, so try and find something that really matches them and their unique personality.


Virgo Gift List: Virgo Cabernet Sauvignon, practical gifts and tools, appliances that they do not have that match their home decor, anything to help them stay organized and clean, something in their favorite color, handmade items, health products, a pedometer, books in a topic that interests them, a high quality briefcase or work bag, a new leather portfolio, top notch office supplies, cooking supplies, plants or gardening equipment, a gift certificate to their favorite store or restaurant. Remember to keep it personal and practical.