Mercury Retrograde is over July 1st

Mercury went into retrograde on June 7th, 2014 and now today, July 1st, is starting to turn direct.  Mercury Retrograde is a great time to do anything that starts with "re" such as reorganize, redo, rethink, rework, relax, restructure, and re-connect! Basically just go over and redo things and rework them.  Connect with people you have lost touch with and rethink old plans.  It is not the best time to start new projects or sign contracts, as details may change once it goes direct.  

The morning after you drink wine you may be a bit fuzzy, that is how Mercury is today as it shifts from backwards to forward motion. It is just waking up from a long sleep and needs some coffee to get going again.  So before you rush out of the gate on all your new projects, give Mercury a little time to wake up.  Tomorrow is a great day to initiate your bold new plans. Cheers to that!

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