Happy Birthday Scorpio!

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The Sun is in the sign of Scorpio from October 23 - November 23, 2014. Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac, ruled by the planet Pluto, home of the underworld. Scorpio is complex, mysterious, magnetic, intense, and powerful. Since Scorpio is a water sign, they are deeply connected to their emotions.

We paired the magnetic Scorpio with a handcrafted Central Coast Pinot Noir from Santa Maria Valley that was aged 20 months in French Oak.

Water signs are highly aware of their environment, much like the Pinot Noir grape is sensitive tclimate. Classically considered the wine of love, this elegant & smooth French style Pinot pairs wonderfully with salads, lunch, and meats such as salmon, turkey, or chicken.

Barrel aged 20 months in French Oak

COLOR: Light Ruby
NOSE: Cherry, strawberry, dried cranberry, prim rose, sweet cedar, savory spice
PALATE: Smooth and elegant with nice acidity, red cherry, raspberry, dried cranberry, dried herbs, slight vanilla

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