Happy Birthday Sagittarius!

sagittarius wine

On November 22, 2014 the sun moved out of Scorpio and into the sign of Sagittarius. Not only is this the first day of Sagittarius, but it is also a new moon, a rare occurrence. A new moon is when the sun and the moon are at the same position in the sky, and it is a great day to make an intention and set a goal for the next 28 days to come.  

Sagittarius is a sign associated with travel, philosophy, higher learning, belief, religion, and adventure seeking. It is the 9th sign of the zodiac, ruled by the planet of good fortune, Jupiter. As the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter represents expansion and luck, which can explain why many Sagittarians are optimists at heart. The Archer Centaur - half man, half horse - is the symbol of Sagittarius. The Archer shoots his arrows and then travels to where it lands, always in search of a new adventure of mind or body. 

Since Sagittarius is a fire sign, we handcrafted a full bodied red wine for their sign, an Old Vine Zinfandel, made with some of the oldest vines grown in the United States (120 years old). This wine is fruit forward, with a mature spice. 

Barrel aged 30 months in American Oak

COLOR: Deep Garnet
NOSE: Coffee, dark chocolate, dried cherries, slight earth tones
PALATE: Velvety and smooth, dark plum, ripe blackberry, boysenberry, hints of vanilla

The perfect gift for the Sagittarius in your life. Learn more here.