Love and Signs: Why do we love your zodiac sign?



 Why do we love Aries?

What an Aries wants, an Aries gets, and if they want you, there is no better feeling.


Why do we love Taurus?

A dependable Taurus will be there night after night to keep you warm and happy.

Why do we love Gemini?

With a Gemini, there will always be a joyful surprise around the next corner. 


Why do we love Cancer?

A Cancer will never forget your most precious memories.


Why do we love Leo?

A royal Leo will spoil you in all the most exciting ways.


Why do we love Virgo?

A Virgo will be your lover, your best friend, and your biggest supporter.


Why do we love Libra?

Libra is a relationship Master.


Why do we love Scorpio?

Love with a Scorpio is deeper than all love before.


Why do we love Sagittarius?

An adventurous Sagittarius will take you on a never ending journey of love.


Why do we love Capricorn?

The longer you know a Capricorn, the more you love them. 


Why do we love Aquarius?

Love with an Aquarius will open your mind to unexpected possibilities.


Why do we love Pisces?

With a Pisces, two lovers really can become one.