What if I don't act like my sign?

Are you a shy Leo? A messy Virgo? A single Libra? A flighty Scorpio? 

If you have gone through life reading about your astrological sign and not relating to any of it, you may be ready to toss astrology to the curb.  Luckily, there is a reason that you may not appear to be anything like your zodiac sign.  

What most people don't know about astrology is that you are MORE than just your sun sign.  Your sun sign is the sign that you answer when people ask you "Hey, What's your sign?".  99.9% of people know their sun sign.  But I'd estimate that only about 3% (just a guess) know the rest of their unique charts.

In actuality, you have a sign for every other planet (including Pluto!).  For example, let's say you were born in the beginning August so your sun sign is Leo.  When you were born the moon was in the sector of the sky that is ruled by Virgo, and mercury was in Scorpio, and venus was in Cancer.  Plus the horizon was rising on the sign of Cancer the minute you were born.  This means that you are probably one SHY LEO!  Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo - these are much more internal signs than the very extroverted Leo.  If you were born with this type of birth chart you might never relate to your "Leo" descriptions.

By now you are probably wondering what YOUR birthchart looks like.  

My favorite site to look at my birth chart is www.astro.com.  It's free and filled with juicy information.  Click here to check it out.