Happy Birthday Virgo!

In mid August the sun moves into the sign of Virgo. Virgo is the ultimate taskmaster. Virgo is analytical, sharp, detail-oriented, and loves to be of service to other people. In terms of work, Virgo is often associated with the health fields and occupations that require passed down knowledge - such as a craft like woodworking, metal work, or computer programming.  Virgos take pride in a job well down. As an earth sign, a Virgo is practical and loves nature. They are realistic and can see the situation for the facts. Often times they have an amazingly witty and dry sense of humor that comes out nowhere.  


We paired Virgo with an earthy Cabernet Sauvignon from the highlands of Alexander Valley. This delicious Cabernet Sauvignon from the prestigious Alexander Valley in Sonoma County has been barrel aged in french oak for 20 months. On the palate, the rich mouth-coating expression of fruit and dark chocolate mixed with the firm integrated tannins leads to a long, velvety finish. It is perfect to enjoy now or cellar for the years to come.