It's Libra Time - Let's get Balanced

Libra is the sign of balance, harmony, beauty, and peace.  Libra is represented by the Scales.  Libra is able to look at the pros and cons of all sides of a situation, which is why they make great judges, lawyers, mediators, and negotiators.  Libra loves to be surrounded by beauty - whether that is a serene and organized home, a beautiful ocean, or a collection of art.  Libra is often artistic and has a gift of grace in all that they do.  

Libra is the sign of partnership.  Many times a Libra will put others before themselves and they will always consider how a decision they make will impact other people before they make it. Libra is a very popular sign and is able to get along with most everyone.  They make excellent conversationalist and genuinely enjoy connecting with others.  As an air sign, they are ruled by their head, not their heart, and many times may get caught up in the "idea" of being in love.  They may intellectualize their emotions unless they have strong water or fire signs in their chart.  

During the next 30 days take time to strive for balance.  The days are now the same length as the nights.  Seek balance in your relationships, work, and hobbies.  Enjoy beauty and nature.  Find serenity in peaceful surroundings and spend time sharing with friends.