Zodiac Sign Scorpio

The zodiac sign of Scorpio starts on October 23 and goes until November 21.  Scorpio is the 8th sign in the zodiac and is associated with the symbols of power, transformation, sex, death, taxes, psychology, taboos, and mysteries.  Scorpio is a fixed water sign, which means they are ruled by their emotions and have an intense ability to hold their emotions in one controlled state.  They are magnetic and mysterious individuals, who have the power to become masters at whatever pursuit they choose.  

Scorpios probe for a deep understanding of topics.  They want to know everything, especially secrets and motivations that are hidden from the obvious view, which means that make excellent detectives, police officers, therapists, psychologists, scientists, and researchers.  

Scorpios have an amazing ability to see through people's facades, to understand what motivates that person, what they are hiding, how they are feeling, and what kind of hanky panky might be going on behind closed doors.   

While Scorpio's intense feelings and probing may make them sound intimidating, they are often times extremely compassionate and exciting individuals with a gift to heal and transform others pain into wisdom.  They truly want to understand you, inside and out.  And if you are chosen by the Scorpio as their one and only, lucky you! You will experience a depth of passion unmatched by any other sign.  The Scorpio is extremely selective in who they choose and unwilling to let just anyone into their heart.  Slow to commit, but loyal when they do.  

We paired Scorpio with a Pinot Noir.  Pinot Noir is a challenging grape to grow - it is extremely sensitive to its environment and requires special care.  Not just anyone can be friends with a Scorpio.  You have to earn their trust. Like Pinot Noir, the Scorpio picks up on the environment and can feel the temperature of what is happening around them.  Pinot Noir is often times considered the wine of love, which works well for this sign of such profound emotional depth.

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