4 Wines. 12 Labels. 1 Unique Experience

At 12 Signs Wine, we believe that each wine should tell a story, and what could be better than the story about you, the person drinking it? Whether you are bold and feisty like an Aries, sweet and romantic like a Pisces, or bright and versatile like a Gemini, each bottle of our artisan wine reflects the unique qualities of your sign. 

The flavor profiles of the wine were based on the four elements of the zodiac: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, which correspond to each astrological sign. 

All of the grapes are from boutique vineyards in Sonoma, Lodi, and Santa Maria Valley in California. Founder, Marie Fox, consulted with her friend and wine expert, Stephen Ansley, a level II Sommelier with extensive experience in wine, craft beer and retail, to identify varietals that evoke the taste of each element. Award winning winemaker, Joseph Smith, of brands such as Old Ghost Zinfandel and Klinker Brick, and fifth generation wine industry veteran, Jeff Hansen, were then brought on to handcraft the perfect wine. To complete the visual story of the brand, Anchalee Chambundabongse, a talented graphic designer and former Art Director of BBDO in New York City, designed the 12 specialty labels that adorn each bottle.

And so, 12 Signs Wine was born.